Are you searching for a top-quality waxing salon? Look no further than the Exclusive Men’s Grooming bar. Our team provides a range of personal grooming services for men of all ages, including haircuts with head massages and complimentary shampoo and conditioning. Learn more about our exceptional services below.

Waxing Services

Waxing is a complicated and technical job to do for anyone. Yes, the traditional ways of waxing can be straightforward, but those are dated and not considered safe. The Exclusive Men’s Grooming bar is known for its exceptional waxing services.

From eyebrows to full face wax, we provide our clients with all kinds of waxing services. Our waxing packages start from $15 to $30 for different bundles. The infamous nose wax that not every salon offers is also one of our services.

So, whenever your face grows stubborn stubble, you can contact us for hair-free and smooth skin. Our waxing experts are fully trained and follow all the sanitary protocols. 

Why Choose Us?

  • We at Exclusive Men’s Grooming salon have been in the business for over seven years. Our clients love us because of our quality services and on-time appointments. 
  • We pride ourselves in being unbiased towards every ethnic minority and different race. We will serve you equally, whether you’re black, white, blonde, or brunette.
  • The barbers and staff we employ show the utmost respect and compassion to everyone. They’re well trained, certified, and have the skillset to answer all your queries. 
  • Additionally, despite being a luxury store, we have affordable packages for our customers.
  • The Exclusive Men’s Grooming salon has made its name due to our fantastic grooming facilities. Our place is clean and follows all the safety guidelines. So residents of Texas don’t have to worry about their grooming needs. Give us a call or pay us a visit 
  • The best part? We also offer in-time and on-arrival appointments to our loyal customers. This means no more waiting hours in line to get your hair done. 
  • In addition, we understand the importance of hygienic and proper waxing; therefore, our customers always return for another session.

Book Us Now!

Are you interested in our services for yourself or your friend? You can contact us today. Call our number (214) 484 9103 for a free consultation. We are available around the clock. 

To have a physical visit to our store, Texas residents can hit us up at our address, 7630 Davenport Road, #106, Dallas (Far North Dallas). Furthermore, our website contains all our information and contact details. Visit our webpage to get more details. 

Our website contains a form for bookings and registrations, fill it out, and we will get back to you. Happy grooming!