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Originating from the Latin word “Barba,” meaning beard, the barber is a word of an ancient civilization. People from the old world believed in the spirits entering people through the hairs on their heads and faces. Their ideology was to cut hair to eliminate evil spirits. Hence, the barbers were held in high esteem.

Barbers provide trimming, shaping, cutting, and tapering hairs with scissors, combs, clippers, and razors. They also offer custom shaves, maintenance of facial hair, and other grooming services such as shampooing and styling.

We offer a clean and aesthetic experience for our customers. Our staff is friendly and always strives to make our clients comfortable by listening to their needs. With each of our grooming services, we offer complimentary snacks and beverages.

Our services include hair cutting, trimming, shaving, blending grey hair, face wax, and masks. We also offer facials, massage, keratin hair treatment, and exclusive father-and-son grooming bundles.

Clean your hair before arriving at the barbershop. Wash your hair properly and avoid wearing a hat to the shop. Prevent them from being messy, as messy hair can result in a bad haircut.

After washing your hair, schedule your haircut. Don’t arrive late at the shop. Exercise patience and let the barber do his job. Also, don’t forget to make a conversation.

Barbers need a strong sense of fashion, excellent interpersonal skills, hair knowledge, hand-eye coordination, and time management skills. Moreover, they must be creative, knowledgeable, and self-motivated to provide their services.

At Exclusive Men’s Grooming, we don’t have an age policy. We cut the hairs of gentlemen of all ages. They just need to sit patiently, remain still, and let us serve them well. For kids aged 14 and under, we offer an exclusive package that includes consultation and the style of your choice.

A haircut can take twenty-five to forty minutes, depending on the style required by the customer. If the client needs shampooing and styling services, a haircut can take more than one hour.

Yes, we cut women’s hair if they want a men’s hairstyle.

Let your barber know the haircut style you want. Explain any custom style you may require. Indicate the length on top, at the neck how you want the barber to cut or style sides. More often than not, an experienced and knowledgeable barber will always know the name of the haircut.

Traditional and masculine haircuts are always in trend. But to determine what kind of hairstyle you should get depends on your face cut. Choose a long haircut on the top for an oval face, and you can part and style it back to show your face.

Round faces will look good in a haircut that adds height at the top to give an illusion of a longer face. For a heart shape face, stick with a haircut that adds volume at the sides and partially covers the forehead.

Men with square faces can carry versatile hairstyles. Close-cropped sides, layered cuts, and any type of fade will look good on a square face.

Generally, hair cut number refers to the etched numbers on guard clippers that attach to an electric trimmer. A haircut guard number represents 1/8th of an inch of hair length.

When the haircut number increases, so does the hair length. When men ask for a number 1 or 2 haircut, they ask the barber to use a specific hair guard. A number 0 haircut is without a guard. It represents a shaved look with 1/16th inch of hair length left.

You may not know a particular haircut name or don’t want to style your hair in a specific look. In that case, tell your barber how much you want to take off from the top or sides. Be specific.

Don’t just say that you want a long or short haircut, as these terms vary from barber to barber. Say something like an inch from the top or a quarter of an inch from the sides.

To maintain healthy hair after a haircut, routinely apply oil and conditioner after a wash. Use only good products to prevent hair fall and hair damage. If you got a short haircut, you might also need to change hair combs or brushes as they may not work. We suggest using a wooden comb to maintain healthy hair.

Gloves act as a safety measure for both the barber and the customer. It prevents skin disease transmission from contact and staining when coloring hair. While shaving, the gloves also protect against contact with blood in case of an accidental nick.

Barbering laws vary from state to state. Therefore, you’ll have to find information regarding barber licensing in your state. Cutting hair without a license is illegal in some states, while other states have lenient rules.

Barbers are somewhat the same as cosmetologists as their curriculum overlaps. Both must use similar tools, maintenance, and safe and healthy practices in their profession. However, the similarity ends where cosmetology programs don’t include razor shaves, and barbering doesn’t include manicures, pedicures, and esthetics.

The ethics code requires a barber to maintain professional behavior and provide their clients with the best quality services. The code also advises that all barbers treat all their suppliers and employees fairly and their customers respectfully.

We offer three yearly membership types—Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Our Silver membership includes 12 sessions and two services, and Gold comprises 16 sessions and one service. The Platinum yearly membership consists of 24 sessions and three services.

We offer $50, $100, and $150 vouchers to redeem on all services. Most of our coupons have no expiry date except for some, and you can use them multiple times.

If you are visiting our shop for the first time for a haircut, we recommend our exclusive men’s hair-cutting package for one hour for $50. It includes a personal consultation, shampooing/conditioning hair, scalp massage, a haircut, and an old-fashioned back-neck shave. You can choose your own hairstyle or leave it to our experienced and knowledgeable staff to choose a style that will suit you.

If you like our services in the future, you can opt for an Exclusive Package for one hour and forty minutes for $100. It includes two services a haircut, shampooing, scalp massage, and neck shave.


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We are here

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