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Are you looking for the best men’s groomers in Dallas, TX? Are you picky when it comes to haircuts? Has your barber messed up your whole look recently? In any of such cases, Exclusive Men’s Grooming is the perfect barber shop with exceptional grooming services. Welcome, all!


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Beard Trimming

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Hair Coloring

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Best Mens Haircuts Dallas


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Why Choose us?

Serving our beloved Dallas people since 2015, we have always provided the highest quality services. We aim to deliver customer-centric services and treat every one of our customers with justice. Are you thinking about why you should choose us for your grooming? If so, we are here with all the reasons that will imply why you can trust us with your haircuts and other grooming.

Professional Team

We have a team of trained barbers who know their skills and have a great experience. Therefore, we ensure that we treat all our clients professionally and offer the best services in town. With our haircuts, you will not only be having a haircut but a whole experience. So, are you ready to get groomed by a professional? Set an appointment with us now!


Variety of Services

We at Exclusive Men’s Grooming offer various services related to men’s grooming, from different types of haircuts and beard setting or shaving to waxing and exclusive masks. In short, we offer everything any man could need to groom himself. So, it is time to get your complete grooming done by professionals.


Reliable Groomers

We are aware of all the massive cases where barbers mess up your hair, making you look the exact opposite of what you want. But with us, you don’t have to worry about such things. Our vigilant barbers listen to your requirements before getting started. We can also guide you about what type of grooming you might need. This has made us the most reliable men’s groomers in the town.

What do We do?

Exclusive’s Men’s Grooming has earned its exceptional reputation through years of professional and reliable services. We have been serving the Dallas, TX, residents for years and have great experience dealing with them. Here is a list of our services to help you decide what you want to get done by skilled professionals.

Exclusive Haircut

Exclusive Kid

Senior Haircut

Salute Veterans

Exclusive Fix-Up

Exclusive Shears

Exclusive Beard

Exclusive Old Fashion Shave

Exclusive Head Shave

Exclusive hair wash/hairstyle

Natural Grey blending Hair

Natural Grey blending beard

Eye Brow, Ear and Nose wax

Body wax

Full wax face

Exclusive Mask Charcoal Exclusive Mask Collagen Black Mask All the masks are for $25

All of our services come with a free personal consultation which means that you can get subjective opinions and suggestions before choosing any style of haircut or beard. Moreover, when dealing with faces, including beards, we like to provide complete treatment, from preparing your skin to moisturizing it afterward. Therefore, we are the most professional and high-quality men’s grooming services provider in Dallas, TX.

About us

Exclusive Men’s Grooming was founded in 2015, and we have served the town’s residents with highly satisfactory services. We have an exceptionally skilled team of dedicated and committed barbers who know their way around work. Moreover, they have a great experience that ensures that all of your grooming is done in safe hands, and you can discuss your opinions and concerns with them.

With our consultation, we guide our customers before we do anything for them to ensure they do not have any complaints about us. Even though our customers have complaints, we listen to them attentively and try to solve their problems.

We have created a respectful environment in our setting, ensuring everyone is treated equally and respectfully, irrespective of their religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, age, and ethnicity. Therefore, we can safely say that we have created a peaceful environment.


We acknowledge ourselves as a high-end barbershop, which is why we take pride in providing customer satisfaction over anything else. Our customers are always right; we listen to them and care for them as much as possible. This is what makes us men’s groomers like no others. Once you trust us, you will come to us frequently, and we can promise you that. Not only are our regular customers but they also keep suggesting us to their friends and family. Do you still have any doubts about our professionalism and dedication?

Moreover, we are always ready to tend to you. Our top priority is to have enough staff to deal with a more significant number of customers simultaneously, so our customers don’t have to wait much. So, if you have a little time left for your meeting, yet your messy hair and overgrown beard are giving you a tough time, you can come to us and get groomed as early as possible.

Our Barbers

Rafael Ramos

Rafael has been a professional barber for 7 years focusing on providing fast, friendly and knowledgeable service. He enjoys the look in his client’s facial expression when he finishes providing them with his services. He is dedicated to best-in-class customer service and satisfaction.


Freddy has been a professional barber for the past 14 years. He has 17 years of experience as he began at a very young age cutting and grooming family members and close friends. He has a passion in helping men feel great about themselves, giving them a better image by using unique details and giving it all to satisfy and create an experience in the process.

Marco Rosas

Marco has been in the comsetology-barber industry for the past 12 years. His specialty is shear haircuts, he is also skilled with a variety of cuts as well as beard trims and shaves. His mission is to continually provide exceptional grooming services.

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Do you think it is time that you get a haircut from a reliable barber? Are you tired of groomers fixing your beard without prepping, which results in skin damage? Do you want to experience an exclusive high-end barbershop visit? Then, it is time that you give us a call and make an appointment. We assure you that you will not make any mistakes by trusting us, and you surely will not be disappointed.

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